A journey that is unguided and head first.

by gobtcha

I will share my journey into a place and what is on my path and obstacles to overcome during this path.  I hope you the reader is mature and level headed enough to be open to what I share.


So my journey down this path that I am lost on started roughly ten years ago.  I found that the christian/catholic church to be not what I need and in fact would hurt me.  When I walk into such a place or practice the beliefs or even study the bible I would not be comfortable and get looks in my direction as if I am not wanted there.  So I began thinking more freely and considered other ways/approaches to personal beliefs, religion and cultures.  Today I find myself believing that the bible and its teachings are great as a guide to live ones life with good intentions.  As there are classic stories there that share morale and ethical approaches which I consider good.  It is the vast majority of people that practice and or preach the bible I find to be cynical or hypocritical, as in they talk the talk but do not walk the walk.  Now then I accept what they say and take it with a grain of salt.


Today I find myself lost and without guidance, not because it is there.  I simply wish for no guidance other than myself, family and friends that accept my approach to the subject of belief and faith.  This where I will begin to share my experience and struggles I have with those that wish to read thru it and try to make sense of what I say here.


Thanks for reading,