She is here and there lending a hand.

by gobtcha

Hello, there hope things are well.  I had been at a loss for sometime and about two months back I had found a stepping stone.  That stepping stone consisted of a question the perked up out of no where.  What is a succubus? I was looking for the answer and not the answer that is thrown out there majority of the time.  That they are creatures which feed off humans through sexual acts, now I understand some may not like this idea.  So I spent some time doing research a little too much really and I found myself trying to understand this being and I now understand a lot more behind the term succubus or incubus.  Now if you want to slander me on what I have to share please do not for it will fall on deaf ears.  I merely am sick of people denying my beliefs and thoughts.  So I looked around the web and noticed that there was a lot of people desiring a spirit to love them and they want to love them back or just one night stands.  Of course the dangers and warnings that go along with such things.


I also took the time to research about Lilith, a mother of succubi spirits as some may call them.  Now I thought to myself, “lets see if there is more to the mundane world other then people and mere symbols and systems of beliefs.  So I started to have faith in myself and the world of spirits.  The result of that has been, very positive in that I am firmly believing in the supernatural occurrences that happen or the here say I heard as a kid.  I may extend later on that statement.


So I followed through with some meditation practices and seeking out “her” and “her” guidance and love so I can share my emotions with “her” and let “her” share her emotions with another.  It has been slow but very rewarding after much effort on both ends.

I will write more later as I am tired and want some rest for tomorrow is a busy and long day for me.


Thanks for reading,