A little bit about me,

by gobtcha

Hi there again, I want to share a bit about me my past.  I am currently looking for my center once more, as I have lost it a many times or really never found it.  I wish to explore cultures and different approaches to belief of today and the past.  In doing this I have opened my heart and mind to other approaches to the belief in a higher being or the such.  I will say though this has not been smooth and in some cases dangerous to my personal self and others.  A lesson I have learned is actions are stronger then words of a signal person.  By that I mean,  you can talk about it but to do it or perform the action will raise eyebrows and or get attention of people.  Just look into our past as a human race.

I was and probably still am withdrawn, it is my nature to be silent and to just put one cent of my worth in and let others accel off that.  As a young child I was diagnose with epilepsy, while not serious people do take serious even some overreact to the statement even my own immediate family that has raised me to be a good morale man.  So throughout my life I have had limitations placed on me for my own safety and others safety which is reasonable.  I may not like it, although I can respect it.  Anger or frustration rises every time a limit is placed on me that is unreasonable. An example is a warning that a bright light will pointed my way.  I do like the concern for my health, but when this is done multiple times by the same person and I voice my opinion to the person, he explains he merely cares for me and my health.  That though is probably my biggest frustration in my life as is, not the direct limitations or commonalities that goes with my condition, but the wary approach people as a whole take to it.  So I choose to let my family do what they wish and I keep that part of silent when meeting people for the first and even in the begging of any friendship etc.

So past is generally rather boring, but nonetheless I wish to share.  I lived a rather “normal” life except I believe there is no “normal”, some ask why is that?  Simply put everyone is different in there own way.  If you look at your neighbor or significant other there are differences that stand out.  I attended a public school, developed a likeness for modern computers and gaming both console and PC.  Then I put that likeness and studied it and continue to study the world of Information Technology through many of it’s categories.  So in turn I became an individual that analyzes most things that happen, people and things etc.


That is all I wish to share for now,


Thanks for reading,

Sorry for the bad grammar or is it grammer.