A dream I wish to share

by gobtcha

Hello,  I hope things are well and if you are keeping warm.  I’m cold already, nonetheless though happy.

I had a dream awhile back, and it comes to me during the day still so I thought I might try and share it with you the reader.  So I live on the border of the United States and Mexico.

In this dream I crossed the border which was not the bridge in town, but the thought was there so I believe to be true.  On the other side though there was building like the pyramids, but smaller in size.  I was with a group of people and we were going up the building on the outside via stairs. On each level we would “give offering” to a candle or cylinder like container.  I had nothing much to offer, but my thanks.  So I did just that at each candle on each level that had around 4 candles and on the last level was 4 candles and a creature at the end possibly giving a blessing or permission to move on.  He seemed elderly and green with the features of troll, goblin, and orc. I was uneasy as I did not offer much to him or the candles, but he did let me pass and continue back down the building.

So the next thing to do is return home, and I had no cash money to do so.  There were guards or watchmen watching the bridge which was not really a bridge, but nonetheless they were there.  So I followed through with group and hoped a fence into the dried out river which represents the border.  There was a small tunnel and a bus across the border.  I thought I  would be able to ride the bus, because I had no cash for the fair.  The lady working the door for the bus did let me on, on the note that I pay her back.  So I rode the bus back across and got off the first stop and walked the rest of the way home.  Which is a 30 minute drive, so I knew I had a long walk ahead of me.  So I started and crossed some busy streets and highways sometimes alone or with others.  Then the odd thing happens I was up a major street near the house I live in, and I saw and recognized people I have done and or said things to I should apologize to them for and take responsibility for.  Now the walk is long so I thought lets hop this gate in a apartment complex make the trip a tad shorter, by then it was dark.  As I made my way across the complex being chased by dogs and through a maze of buildings and shafts.  I made it out.

Then the next day, I returned to the building with the elderly creature so I could repay the lady this time though the creature was not there.  Still I needed to repay her,  so I went to the bus stop as it were and the bus was not there nor was she.  Then for some reason I began the same journey back home, except I stopped to get food and socialize with people along the way and did not cut through the apartments.  Some days I would be a man seemed like my father at the building, and the guards were more aware of me and the creature was there sometimes and sometimes not there.  Although the way back he was not there.

This continued for a bit until I awoke.  I still after a month think about this dream not so vividly anymore though.  Either way thanks for reading this wall of text if you did.  I have not felt “her” around for a bit now, which is fine in some ways in others I miss “her”, her chuckles and all around presence.  I do hope “she” makes herself known to me sometime.

Thanks for reading,