A bit to share

by gobtcha

Hello, things are well for me right now. I can breathe easy now nose is not running away from me with my voice anymore. : ) As soon as it cleared up “she” was happy because I had energy and probably needed to burn it off a bit.  What I had asked awhile back was what can I do to make you happy. She replied with something along the line of “treat yourself better and improve your health in general” so I have been slowly.  My body used to be somewhat fit, now I am just a thin man at 6’2″ underweight so its back to building some muscle watching what I eat and my habits.  The weight is coming up to about 150 ibs I like it to be 145 ibs myself ,but that means a lot more muscle then I can build right now.  So it has been walking around the neighborhood after dinner and starting some simple exercises.  The legs are pretty beat up so I do not want to run and hurt them more.  I should take up cycling again I loved it when I was younger. : )  With all that said, I hope things are good for you.  You the reader makes me want to share more and attempt to write my thoughts down.

The other night I had this dream and it comes back every now and then in my memory.  You see I do not write about my dreams as I wake up, time is short and it hurts to physically write with a pen, pencil.  The dream consisted of mom, dad and I in a house. It was raining outside for some reason, we had someone over a women seeing about my schooling credentials.  As it is my records are not well kept, in the dream it was worse.  I laugh now, but it may be true later on.  Either way I was digging for a transcript from the local college, she was patient and even helped, as did dad and mom. She was running short on time.  Then it gets foggy.  During the dream she was nice and very polite with me and the family.  Always being positive and happy.  There really is no end, because I awoke in the middle of the dream to the dog and dad getting up in the morning.

Either way I got about a month to study for a Microsoft Certificate that I am not ready for, Configuring Windows 8.  I have been digging around and found some resources so I will be busy for a good while with that.  That about all I have for now.  I just wanted to share a bit tonight.

Thanks for reading,