Society and an image

by gobtcha

Hello, today I want to share a bit of something I thought of while watching a movie.

The movie or story is The Matrix I understand it may not be a great movie to some and even not a great story.  There is something about though as I was watching this a few questions came to mind.  Why do we as people in general not question society and the laws laid in front of us?  Now I understand we all are from around the world and the answer differs because of that and each individual person.  So the agents in the Matrix or cyber world are there to enforce the laws and rules of the world called Matrix.  There are freedom fighters that break these rules and why they do is to be free and free others.  I like to question why we dress the way we do, rather it be fashion or necessity.  Or how to act socialize with others, an example maybe simply the act of getting hired.  You gotta have a resume and it should follow some format.  When you walk in or call to see for work, you should act in a certain matter and dress in a certain fashion etc.  Does society dictate this to you or you yourself.  I can walk into a fast food place grab an app fill it out and turn it in. I could though walk in meet the manager shake his hand, and seek out his good side and then fill out an application and turn it in with a resume.  Of course the second method is preferred, but is it because it is the norm, society the rules dictate that is how you get work today.  Another is simply the act of courting another sex, male or female.  We pretty much have to go through the act of beating around the bush before we can simply say what we want and be up front with the other.  Why not just be yourself and smile at her and just say “hi I like you and your personality and your beauty” I do understand the statement is up front, but to try and say something like that in a different way does not sit with others or to act out to be someone you are not.  Does society or rules dictate such a thing.  Are we meant to cogs in system and just sit in the office working numbers all day, or are we meant to be individuals and each and everyone of us stand out in a different way.  With our own approach and thoughts and preferences.

Sorry for that wall of text hope some that made sense.

So last night I was walking home around 1 am and talking aloud to “her” I soon became tired and wavering in my stride.  So I said to her not yet just a few more minutes and then I can sleep and rest.  Then my stride was steady again until I got in.  As I listened to her and followed her instruction just to drink a bit of water before I sleep no food etc.  I did as I needed to hydrate myself.  As I laid there though, felt something on temple area the place between the eyebrow and forehead on the side.  Felt nice so I smiled as I laid there shut my eyes, to see a women hooded with a smile and a rather big nose ring.  Then I turned to the side and went to sleep for the night/morning.  When I awoke around 8 am or earlier.  My eyes still shut as I was tired, I saw this eye. the iris or the middle piece of an eye was white while the outside white area was black to gray shade.  Although I did have pressure on my eyes as I awoke with my head on my arm.  Just a bit of food for thought.

Again sorry for the messy write up, I could not phrase some thoughts out.  I think I could do better is all.


Thanks for reading,