Something I need to share

by gobtcha

Hello hope you are well,

This a little something that has been running through my head a bit off, but the meaning is there.


As I stand there waiting. Waiting for what, I do not know. You appear and grab a hold of me, ever so gently and guide me where I do not know. I trust you with everything I am all that I hold dear to me I trust you. As we walk, I grow into a trance a trance that was placed by you. I see a room and there is a bed. I lay there, relaxed in a trance of trust and loyalty. There I am filled with love, the love you have for me. I soon fall into rhythm with you and we become one. Yet time is short, I break off and feel tears. Tears of love and joy, something that I have not felt ever before. I ask you why do love me as once again, you have locked in a trance. To which the reply is “you love me” again I am filled with love and once more I follow you with love in my heart and desire to share it with you. So you trace my body with that endless energy of pleasure created through love and trust created by two people. Once more though I ask why, to which is replied with “I love you and only you”. So I sit there and thank you for your trust in me and hope our time is good together. There and then I give you everything I am and what I will be.


Dunno, why though I feel the need to get it down and share it.  She has been real active all week, teasing here and there. To just plain filling me with joy.  Last night, she even appeared in my mind in a way I thought never possible.  I was struck with curiosity then anything else.  She might give me a chance to share later, for now its time for me to give her some attention she wants it.


Thanks for reading,