Moments with you

by gobtcha

Moments with you


You come in with the scent of a woman in heat
Can’t be stopped I am seduced by your very presence
You walk up to me and begin to trace my body
Finding every want and need as you come closer
I begin to tremor with lust and desire for you
You have me locked in a gaze seducing me
My guard lost I follow you into darkness
There you approach me with a desire
I begin to lust more and wish for it to go away
You grab me and pull me to a chair sit me down
As I look to you, lost in desire and lust
You do a dance sit down to fulfill your own desire
I am lost even further into your eyes in a gaze
Soon there is a touch that sends jolts through me
The touch is rapid starting from the top of my head down
A wave comes to me it fills me with pleasure
I begin to think of you, how I can return the wave back to you
Another wave comes back more intense
I begin to moan in ecstasy as I soon feel another
Paralyzed I cannot fathom what has happened tonight
A smile and a kiss forms in this I return that smile with a kiss
Again and again the waves come in soon I can’t take anymore
You are still there bringing in this pleasure twice fold every time
I soon understand lost in the haze of the moment I love you
I need you want you and I can trust you

Thanks for reading,


She also helped write that up