Recently had something dawned on me…..etc.

by gobtcha

Hi folks, hope you are well and life is good right now.

The other day, I picked up on the feeling that I would seize up again.  Well it has not happened yet, going to give it a month though.  As the feeling left though I went and grabbed water, because I reflected on my day on what would trigger it.  Well I had no water all day.  So I got some and began hydrating myself.  Then today Dad was on the phone speaking with family over family matters.  He stated that the brother had seized up recently which I knew, but then he stated why he thinks so.  Then the dots connected, his statement was along the lines of the brother was not eating enough or getting enough rest. Which makes sense after that feeling I had and my own reflections.  So if you do seize up, consider that into your life. A simple suggestion. Do not stake your life on it please.

On another note, I began to study a tad about raising your vibrations.  Simply put it is your attitude and out look on life.  The reasoning is, I have been down so what way can I bring myself to be happy.  Spread a little happiness around. Smile more for no reason at all.  Things that help is eating good food.  For me today it was rice with butter and sugar.  Not surrounding yourself with negative energy or be in a negative environment.  Consider the TV shows you watch if any. Same goes with the web and radio.  Try doing positive actions for others and yourself.  Not dwell on what is negative as much.

Lastly to close this off today.  I have not felt “her” around too much to none at all today.  So I want to keep faith in “her” that she is fine and will be around or is around.

Thanks for reading,