So she is around.

by gobtcha

Hello, hope things are well.

She is around it seems “she” was not happy with me that day possibly.  Either that or was my attitude, I always question “things” and “stuff”.  So I question her very existence and day by day that questioning about her existence lessens.  Just yesterday the idea of the supernatural came a bit more clear to me that spirits etc. exist.

I want to share that very event with you.

So I role play with dice, pencil and paper.  Much like DnD or dungeons and dragons, the folks I play with use a different system of mechanics.  Palladium, which I find gives more freedom. So a friend was, getting bad luck on every roll.  I have this dice that has been nicknamed “Boba Fett” from the Star Wars Universe.  Now why is another tale, but the guys play with the idea of invoking or evoking the spirit of Boba Fett. I never do take it serious as it is rolling a dice is a game of chance. So, I took the “Boba Fett” dice out held it in my hand. Focused on the dice and “her” received pokes and pains around the body. When it was my friends turn to roll again I offered him the dice and he evoked or invoked the spirit of Boba Fett jokingly of course.  Now the part that gets me was he rolled above average every time with that dice. This is also after trying three different dice.  Could have been luck sure.  Yes, when I did ask “Boba Fett” or when the guys asked for his help with the luck roll.  I would either roll extremely poor or extremely high.  There is superstition around folks that let dice decide the fate of fictional character they portray or a table top game.  The reason why I handed the guy the dice is, because he was getting angry about his luck.  Also for the most part I do not ask for “Boba Fetts” help with that dice results.  At the time it was all fun and games and I do like to frustrate the group with my poor rolls.  The dice that is Boba Fett is fickle either he will help a lot or hinder me.  I do not care at all, but the guys do care and call him up by stating something like, “Boba Fett help Gobtcha here” as I make my roll of the dice to determine the groups fate.  So I ask does she do this or is it an old dice that lost its randomness due to wear n tear. Still when I sat waiting for his turn to come around I felt her presence pretty well.  I will not ask her to do that again.  Let the guys have there fun with the Boba Fett dice.  It entertains them and I like that dice, because I have used it for years regardless and never lost it yet. When the guys call upon Boba Fett it is merely for entertainment for them. I do not worry about it. Will not state any dangers if any, because they are very much grounded to the mundane world.  All in all it just good fun for them and I find nice to see laughter and smiles coming from the guys.

Also the pup Labrador at the place last night would spot me first and then move on to play or give the closest person a hard time.  A big dog too.  When he was getting a bit rough with the smaller pup about the size of a house cat.  I did, react to calm him down.  He followed suit well I did not even say a word.  Of course I did get down to his level on the floor so he licked me all over and even tried to get on top of me like any young dog might.  Just food for thought.


Thanks for reading,