A little bit of progress.

by gobtcha

Hello, so took a bit of a hard step today.  Talked with dad about her not much though.

I asked him about his thoughts on spirits.  He said “yes” after some silence.  So I pushed a little with “Just yes”,  he named a few of the spirits from a Christian point of view.  The Holy spirit, God, and one other I  will not share here.  the he stated so I believe there are other good one out there, or something along that line.  Then I told him, “cause I think I have a spirit looking over me”. To which he smiled.  I do know he is open minded and kinda gave up on the church do  to people being hypocrites in the church community.  I am happy with his response.  I did not say though the spirit cares for me I care for it or her. Why, because he was off to sleep and tired.  In a few days when Mom has recovered from her trip I may broach the subject again.  Religion and belief is not really spoken about in the household. It is what hurt our extended family and left us as black sheep to the brothers side of the family.

On another note, I think she likes the airport or leather seats.  Dunno, we were an hour early to pick up mom.  So I took a stroll around the airport.  To try and reach out to her.  We do have a small but busy airport compared to some.  So I found a quiet place and fixated on a low leather chair and sat down to relax and close my eyes. While thinking about her “stuff” happened.


Thanks for reading,