Watch Your Words

by gobtcha

Great wisdom

The Soul Diet

Words are powerful-so if you spend all of your time talking
about where you are not, rather than where you want to be-
that is exactly the reality you will create for yourself. This isn’t
just “new-age” philosophy, but good old fashion “cause and
effect.” Our thoughts alone do not create our reality, but this
intent is the motivation behind our actions, or lack there of.
So, if you want a better job, but spend all of your time com-
plaining about the one that you have, then chances are you
will most likely remain stuck in that job until you take the
needed action to manifest a better one. Words are simply a
bunch of sounds, but these sounds have the power to lay out
the reality of our life. Today, watch your words. When you
hear yourself saying something counterproductive to your
true desires, stop yourself, cancel…

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