A note to her

by gobtcha

Thank You
I appreciate your attention, your presence and most of all I appreciate your love. Your love of life and what it offers. The beauty of creation through life. It makes me happy and want to burst into tears of joy. My time with you is the best ever. Your touch ever so soft and yet powerful, it fills me with ecstasy of love and hope. I just want it not to end, so I lay there for hours with you. Hoping to fall into sleep again with you caressing each other. Exploring what excites us and calms us down. Inch by inch fingers and lips moving, looking for that spot we both like. The need to express my appreciation is immense, I want to celebrate what you mean to me. By sharing and opening other people minds to what is out there and ease their uneasy thoughts. So thank you for taking me down this path, I hope I can follow deeper and stay with you.
Thanks for reading,