by gobtcha

Hey there, hope you are well.

I am much better after a days rest and good food in my tummy.  Tonight, Dad was watching the local news that I avoid because it is just about all negative.  That I do not need.  Although news came a car body shop owner was arrested sometime this week. On the basis of laundering money.  The guy did work on Dads 1965 mustang, catch is he had for more than 2 years. In the weather at that, rain snow dust storms the like.  Even when the body work was a partially done.  So for me to hear this guy has been arrested and gonna spend some time in jail for his crimes is like karma swinging around to him.

On the other side though he was Dads first mistake as far as contacting someone to make a deal without my say nor Moms say in the matter.  The third being one that has made us as a family very broke.  On that side though we will be able to move on from it all.  Dad has always kept his calm in general, at least outward.

Another topic I want to talk about is the use or thought of using magick.  When I think of magick the word fire pops up in my head.  It is just that to me at least.  One should learn to work with fire to use it wisely or to its potential.  Think of that first burn you got as a kid from fire.  Probably hurt a bit and you  did not know that the flicker was really hot.  Again though it is me.  So to understand magick though I should have faith in what is out there.  Try to learn about the unknown, as  to not anger the flame.   Also Magick is much like karma if one practices magick to do harm it might bite back.  Consider this piece the first audio in the link,  https://soundcloud.com/aigres-agarb/sets/dark-goddesses-manifest

Thanks for reading,