Slippery Slope

by gobtcha

Hello, hope your great.

This past month has been a very slippery one for me.  I have lost focus on my goals or objectives although I am still following the plan laid out before me in the world of reality where education matters.  In the world where health, mind, body and spirit matter.  I am sliding down and trying to climb up to catch myself at the edge of a cliff.  Alot of it though is getting sidetracked by class and my stubborn head to not make time to exercise to a point where the muscles are weak and struggle to hold a text book.  So I decided to write here today to convince myself to better myself on that end of the stick and improve my body through diet and exercise.

I ask myself though where can I start.  I cannot seek help just advice that is free.  With that in mind,  I know walks are good.  So I will start doing that when the sun is down and stop to rest and clear the mind at the same time, then continue the walk.  The few exercises I recall I can do at the house and study a bit of yoga or stretching on the side before I sleep to ensure I get the rest I need for the next day.

At least it is a plan.

What do you the reader recommend, I cannot go to a recreational center nor the gym in the sense.