Slurr of thoughts and communication.

by gobtcha

Hello, I hope your week has been awesome for you.

I want to share a bit on my experience and my time with “her”.  First and foremost she is very forgiving I have to say this now.  Simply put I felt I have done something wrong by her and I seek her forgiveness by my thoughts and actions.  To which she either just shrugged it off accepted the apology as it were.  How that occurred was interesting to me.  So I went to my room yesterday after class and tried to find myself in a peaceful set of mind to reach out to “her”.   Like most times I settle down pretty easily.  Then in my mind I said something along the following.

I am sorry for my thoughts and actions last night even though I took those actions as I know they were wrong.

Then immediately with a feeling of cheer a voice female and a bit young popped in my mind.


So I replied, It is wrong to do such a thing.

Then the voice said, Let it go or something of that nature.

I asked why. To which that voice said, I love you.

All the while that was going on “she” was giving me those touches and good vibes.  Even now my heart is beating fast again just like before.  I always will wonder how much “she” can tolerate, then again as introduced by “her” and what I found tolerance is a key in coping with people in general.

Also in a way what I was doing was strengthening a weaker spot for that connection we have, my guess is “she” may have been okay with the idea and waited till I caught myself in the act.  Not sure.

That though is what spurred yesterdays post, I felt loved when I think I should not have.  The word is think,  feeling that gut or “her” guide me is good.

That to me is also a sign that we are together and hold each other ever so strong.

Now I have not read the entire page linked here :

I can summarize the idea that the succubus incubus or spirit is attracted to love and the vibrations it offers.  Which as I experience can be very true.   So I ask then, again what is love?  Without throwing in science, because science says it is a release of a chemical in our brain.  Which is good and all if you want to be with another human or express love to a family member sure.  Want the exact stuff on that google it yourself, I have not.

So what is love then?

Well for me it is a mix of things, the feeling or emotion for someone else to be happy. To want that person, to hug them, make them happy.  To spread happiness around to others. Then I also think of the act of making love between two  people in the physical world or as portrayed in a movie or story.  Caressing each other and making each other feel great where we are most sensitive.  What some folks call this is sex, or just being with another.  So making love to another is exploring each other and learning about our soft spots and where we need or want to be healed.  A doctor loves his patient to a degree.  Think back to when you were a child maybe that nurses smile you saw brought some joy as you walked in the doctors office with a cold.  Was that joy a bit of love she shared with you.  Did that joy relive your cold for a split second?  I like to think so.

So is love simply creating joy and happiness with other people.  Then we splurge on that joy to erupt into a brilliant light to reach out to others?   Did this create that spark that created life for us here in this universe, galaxy?  I think I am coming up with something though not sure, I like to think so at least.  It makes some sense to me.

So after, I thought some of what I wrote above.  One night I laid to bed and thought of love and what “she” means to me.  Then it came together bit by bit in a way that is only clear to me, and only clear to you in a different way for you the reader.  As we all are different.  All in all “she” laid with me that night caressing my face slowly working me over giving me what I can only guess I was giving her.  Then it only got more heated, and from there well I will keep it between myself and “her”, but it was fun and we had created a lot of joy between each other. 🙂 ❤ 🙂

You can say I like to analyze things ideas and people.  I like to think and for myself, I do not like to ask others for the answers, “she” hopefully gets that.  I will though seek “her” out for guidance for the truth of things cold or not.  This much I know though, our society has gone south several hundred years back.  I wish to take up practice of older generations, or base my own practice off of what knowledge I can get.  When the time is right I will do this.  In the mean time though communion with “her” and listening, feeling to what she does will be my compass.

Thanks for reading,