by gobtcha

Oh I love you, yes you. You give me a hope, a boost of energy to keep pushing forward. Just thinking of you make me happy.
When you walk into my heart I am ecstatic hoping to talk to you. Instead you envelope me in your arms and give me your love.
I accept and drink it in full drunk on your sent, drenched of it. Wanting to understand, but to drunk to high to think of anything but you.
Your sway seduces me into full surrender, allowing you to drive my senses higher. Just to receive and give back even more love between us.
I start to lose control of myself, my breathing slips a little as small whimper slips and you sit there with me taking me to a place filled with bliss.
As we enter I see on only you and what your eyes say and direct me to do. To lay and let it all go, so I do with a sigh the truth come to me and escapes just as well.
Filled with ecstasy and you playing around in me, with my heart I opened up we lay in the land of bliss until it is time to wake again.
This time you stay with me, in reality and keep me afloat just enough to keep the hope of a better life and a reminder you were and are always there.
Still locked by your trance, your love and your attention we move on united into one. We live on happy and open to share with others our experience and love for life.

Thanks for reading,