A recent experience I had.

by gobtcha

Hello, I hope you are great

If not get over it, smile a bit for yourself or your closest friend family like person.

I finally had a clear communication from “her” took time and I was not chasing for communication ever really just wanted to be with “her”.  Well I want to share that experience,  I was laying down while the family was out of the house.  “She” came to me, I can sense she is there most times.  As I laid there my body started to shake a tad almost to a vibrational state.  Started from the feet up to mid chest.  This was normal, but the length of time “she” and I did share energy was longer than usual.  I told “her” in my mind I loved her.  A quiet thought not of my voice came to “I love you too” along with a feeling that made me want to cry  a bit, because it felt sad and yet good.  Then and there I new “she” was real to me.

I wanted to share that with you the reader.

Thanks for reading,