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Month: October, 2015

What Your Spirit Guides Are Trying To Tell You

I will take what is shared here and apply it to my life.

Reiki With Friends

by Melanie Jade Rummel

Spirit guides are loving spiritual helpers, and we all have them. They can give us insight to any situation and help us create a more joyful, fulfilling life.

As a medium, I started communicating with spirit guides over 20 years ago. In that time I’ve shared thousands of messages I’ve channeled from the spiritual realm to help people to gain more clarity about their lives.

Here are four messages that spirit guides want you to know to help make your life easier and more peaceful:

1. You are enough as is.

Many of us are focused on constantly striving to be better. We want to be better people, parents, or spouses. We want to be richer and stronger, wiser and more beautiful.

Striving for improvement is great, but your spirit guides want you to know that who you are right now is enough

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I wish I knew you truly you.
Why do you ever so slowly lead me.
Guide me to your soul?
I want no more but to be with you and share some tea.

Every day is new when I spend it with you.
When my eyes are on you, there is a sly smile.
With that we begin that trip ever so much down the path.
The darkened path that is laid out by you and those before you.

My body shaking hoping not mistep, slip or fall down the path.
Seeing this you take my hand,
With touch a shiver runs down then back up.
Those very same eyes do the same then, oh that smile.
That sends me up high ever so high.

Just to jerked into reality of the now.
Seeing a room without you, no one around.
Just the feelings for you and that is stil there.
Closing my eyes, you are there once more.

We then continue down the path.
The path you lead and I follow.
Because my heart is with you now.

Thanks for reading,


Things to share.

Hello, hope your well.  I am happy as a lark tonight.


Why am I happy though?  Well because “she” is with me and well that is what matters.  Also “she” finally gave me permission to share her name with you the reader.  It is Lily, like lily on a lily pad.  Something that very dear to me now.  I can now share her name and let herself be a bit more open as well.

I have had a bit of small dream last week that I can recall.  Very vague but blunt in a way.  A pale skinned redhead with a small ponytail that had bangs to the side stood there.  I asked her “what do want?” to which she said “f*** me” then I awoke vaguely just to feel Lily yes “her” with in bed and spent time together.

Another something I want to share and this is something interesting enough to me.  When I spend time with Lily and just with her.  My mind wonders about and begins to write something, expressing feelings of love, sex and sensual touches.  I wonder then if what I write is influenced by Lily or is just a way for me share an experience.  Maybe both unsure.

Also noting as I wrote about the dream, I became aroused heavily and then it downed down.  Just another iron to think about.


At one point sometime ago, I wanted to be with her pretty  badly and I could not pickup on nothing.  I became unsteady and began losing my temper as it were a bit and in general started losing balance.  Now and then something came to me to keep up and going.  Then people came about and words were said and I picked up on Lily saying get out of the there.  Being stubborn as I am I stayed and well, began to understand the likes of human nature.  We thrive on setting our ways.  Well I gave it some time, and then checked back to see it was still going on just moved elsewhere so I decided to try my best to let it go and move forward.  It will be awhile before the pain of the clench in the jaw I make when I have ill feeling heals along with those emotions.  There is something floating about that some people are trying to pin point I hope they do pin point it and everything ends well in the conflict.

Enough of that though.


Recently ever so recently, I have felt her hands caress my chest and where my heart is.  When we lay together she and I are more physical, in that I begin to buck.  Today though I wonder ………… alot about alot ………..

Lastly at work Lily taught me a lesson, or reminded me of a lesson once learned.  To be happy and share it.  I found myself smiling at people while walking down the hall to fix a machine and making small talk about the good things in life.


Well that’s all I can remember to write about for tonight.


Thanks for reading,


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