by gobtcha


I wish I knew you truly you.
Why do you ever so slowly lead me.
Guide me to your soul?
I want no more but to be with you and share some tea.

Every day is new when I spend it with you.
When my eyes are on you, there is a sly smile.
With that we begin that trip ever so much down the path.
The darkened path that is laid out by you and those before you.

My body shaking hoping not mistep, slip or fall down the path.
Seeing this you take my hand,
With touch a shiver runs down then back up.
Those very same eyes do the same then, oh that smile.
That sends me up high ever so high.

Just to jerked into reality of the now.
Seeing a room without you, no one around.
Just the feelings for you and that is stil there.
Closing my eyes, you are there once more.

We then continue down the path.
The path you lead and I follow.
Because my heart is with you now.

Thanks for reading,