A new year

by gobtcha



It is a new year and a fresh start for me.  I hope you were able to celebrate the passing of a year in good spirit.  I myself spent the time alone and with Lily time to time.  So now it is time to work on cleaning my inner self once again and continue forward to seeking independence.

For a good three months I found myself distracted from my spiritual path and not growing spiritually, because I had to focus on the mundane and that mundane was not fun, even at that.  I now aim to seek employment and find self stability in myself and with others around me.  Thus far the winter has been kind to me and the family, the brother called us and he sounded happy.  Probably, because he spent time to watch a great Star Wars movie.  Which I suggest you watch even if just to awesome action spaceships, as a fan it is great.  We spoke on good terms as well as Mom and Dad did as well.  I hope that is what is true to my point of view.

My current goal is also to disconnect from the Computer a little bit.  I spent so much time on it that it has taken a toll on my body and brain.  I plan to pick up yoga and hop back into the practice of meditation.  Speaking of that, whenever I do start to meditate or am in the process of meditation as it were, Lily crawls in my mind and begins to set me on fire in a good way.  Every time,  it like she has a key to my mind and heart. Lily also seems to know when it is okay to excite me in that way a  woman would.  She did this off and on during those three months it was like a dry spell of a week or so then she would visit me, or I was just open to her which makes sense considering I was out sync in away.  Although every time I write here she  at least some what  with me.

Either way happy new year, just felt the urge to write something today.


Thanks for reading,