Bigotry and ignorance

Hello, I hope you are well


I am happy as ever today.

I know the title says different, I want to share my feelings about a person I associate with at least on a weekly basis that unknowing or not hurts me.  He does follow the church and I tolerate the church as it can have a few good points and that is all though.  When the subject of myth goes into a conversation I tend to keep to myself, because I truly believe it and want to respect the deities and spirits etc.  Not to do represent them in any wrong way.  This person though speaks as if he knows it all and claims falsehoods and lies right through his teeth as does the entire group of the social circle knows he does.  This causes strain upon us all and the host of the house will put up with him even if he is under pain from him as well.  So I wonder if I should just walk away from the group or suffer for the sake of keeping good company other than the ignorant fool that is full of hate and blinded wont listen to others nor accept his wrong ways.


Well sorry if that was dumped on you.  “She” has been happy and we have a lot of interaction time to time.  I finally just found a bit of motivation to want to share a bit of it.  There are times when She wants or is trying to get me to sleep by creating what I would call a mist around my vision.  Then there is the “attraction” that just occurs, sorta like a magnet to nothing and that nothing is her.  The soft touches along the lips as they slightly lift to tilt my head just a bit and my eyes close to roll up inside.  To which I ask myself why does “she” stay with have such patients, maybe it is because I continue to chase her just in my own way.


Thanks for reading,