Sacred Sexuality: Shedding the Skins of Shame

by gobtcha

Beautifully written

The Oracle of SachaMama

I send a wild call through the mountains and across rivers, to the wild sisters, the Priestesses of Sachamama, who in our birth rites received the powerful gifts of the Sexual Goddesses. We are they and they are we, and the shame-stricken lashings of the past no longer hold fast chains to our Sacred Holiness. And we strip ourselves of the Scarlet Letters that spell “harlot”, “provocative”, “witch”, “whore”. Labels created out of fear for the Sexual Goddess & Her Magic.

We silence the tongues of an age passed, where humanity forgot within itself that Creation within itself is the most Holy of Sexual acts: is a tree not the sexual creation of a seed planted in the Mother’s womb, fertilized by the Rain from the Father Sky? Life Force energy…for some of us this is a sacred sexual experience, and we hold fast to our truths in expressing the…

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