A journal


I will start keeping a journal here about my struggle with epilepsy or acceptance of my condition.  As it is one thing that is recommended to do by some folks is to write down what goes on during a seizure.

Note*: I am no doctor and what I share here if you wish to know more I advise, speaking with a medical person and do your own research.

A small introduction to what my condition is and myself is needed first.

I am 28 and my condition is guessed to have come from my families passed of bi polar, or as the new neurologist is saying possible head injury.  My hobbies, passion is computers, console gaming, Role-play think dnd, and a self study/student.  I will not let this condition slow me down when it comes to that as I have invested years into studying computers and the Information Technology trade of work.

The type of seizure that occur mostly are petite mal or complex seizures, depends on who you talk to.  When an episode occurs, I do not go to the hospital nor doctors, merely have to move on.  Any medical expenses are too costly right now and more costly in the future.  I do get headaches after the episode and tired for sure, but I push through the day without much of a choice.  Either miss class get behind, and or miss work and lose a job.  A dishwasher can be replaced with ease in town.  Do I panic when an episode occurs, not anymore. Why, because I am used to the effects and understand my body and limits to a point.  I have found some triggers to an episode, stress, a chemical Aspartame, lack of sleep, and malnutrition.  Aspartame is mostly found in artificial sweeteners and dietary food, drink products. Read the labels is all I can say.  Not sure read the label.  The frequency of seizures varies, but I want to 1 every 3 months – 6 months.  With that I consider myself very lucky or whatever you believe in.

I am sorry if this was blunt, but it is something I keep in the back of my head or not even there.  Thinking on it does bring in stress and anxiety.  It is my only excuse.  When I think on it I might write up a post here or when something occurs like my doctor visit etc.

Thanks for reading,