Yet another experience that I want to share.


Last night was a great night for me,  “she” and I were spending time before I slept off to the sleep world.  As I laid there I heard a voice say something, along the lines of “I l___ you”  that was it and so we continued spending time together.  Now that word could be anything that starts with an L, love like etc.  My thought was Love as it filled in the blank ever so fast.  That filled me happiness all the more.

While writing this post, “she” and I want to share a show called  Eureka Seven a story about a young boy who comes across a girl and a legendary crew that promotes surfing and shares the secrets of the government to the public. Throughout the series there are patterns that relate to what I am going through with “her” and what other folks may have or are going through as well.  There is a Manga (Japanese comic book) that probably came out first, I have not read it myself and a buddy says there are differences about the two.  I suggest you  take a look at it and watch at least the first season or 10 episodes.  I may bring somethings to light or at least make you think a little. If anything you may enjoy a good story and some good Mecha action.

With all that said, not much more to share other then dreams are coming around more often and some are weird. Just trying to grasp what they may mean is tough, definitely though a redhead pops up time to time orange or red hair.  Even had a orange with black spots feline cat with her cub in the most recent dream.

Thanks for reading,