Why do you do this for me? Make me float high, feel the pleasures of life and none of its regrets. Why do you feel good and only feel good to me? Nothing you do gives me pain it is all good and fulfilling for you and me.

Is it because I searched you out everyday and want to be with you? Is it because you want to be with me and share your feelings with me?

Why do we share this with the world and take it all and spread the word. The word that love is accepting another as they are and not changing them.

Why is when I think of you, you come right up to me and start to caress me where I hurt the most? Why do you want me to just relax and enjoy our time together all the more, why?

For that I will stop asking and just be with you, let you be with me for as long you want to be and be brave when you leave even for just a little while.

It is now and today I will give you my everything and trust you wholly and let you be.