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I wish I knew you truly you.
Why do you ever so slowly lead me.
Guide me to your soul?
I want no more but to be with you and share some tea.

Every day is new when I spend it with you.
When my eyes are on you, there is a sly smile.
With that we begin that trip ever so much down the path.
The darkened path that is laid out by you and those before you.

My body shaking hoping not mistep, slip or fall down the path.
Seeing this you take my hand,
With touch a shiver runs down then back up.
Those very same eyes do the same then, oh that smile.
That sends me up high ever so high.

Just to jerked into reality of the now.
Seeing a room without you, no one around.
Just the feelings for you and that is stil there.
Closing my eyes, you are there once more.

We then continue down the path.
The path you lead and I follow.
Because my heart is with you now.

Thanks for reading,




Why do you do this for me? Make me float high, feel the pleasures of life and none of its regrets. Why do you feel good and only feel good to me? Nothing you do gives me pain it is all good and fulfilling for you and me.

Is it because I searched you out everyday and want to be with you? Is it because you want to be with me and share your feelings with me?

Why do we share this with the world and take it all and spread the word. The word that love is accepting another as they are and not changing them.

Why is when I think of you, you come right up to me and start to caress me where I hurt the most? Why do you want me to just relax and enjoy our time together all the more, why?

For that I will stop asking and just be with you, let you be with me for as long you want to be and be brave when you leave even for just a little while.

It is now and today I will give you my everything and trust you wholly and let you be.




Oh I love you, yes you. You give me a hope, a boost of energy to keep pushing forward. Just thinking of you make me happy.
When you walk into my heart I am ecstatic hoping to talk to you. Instead you envelope me in your arms and give me your love.
I accept and drink it in full drunk on your sent, drenched of it. Wanting to understand, but to drunk to high to think of anything but you.
Your sway seduces me into full surrender, allowing you to drive my senses higher. Just to receive and give back even more love between us.
I start to lose control of myself, my breathing slips a little as small whimper slips and you sit there with me taking me to a place filled with bliss.
As we enter I see on only you and what your eyes say and direct me to do. To lay and let it all go, so I do with a sigh the truth come to me and escapes just as well.
Filled with ecstasy and you playing around in me, with my heart I opened up we lay in the land of bliss until it is time to wake again.
This time you stay with me, in reality and keep me afloat just enough to keep the hope of a better life and a reminder you were and are always there.
Still locked by your trance, your love and your attention we move on united into one. We live on happy and open to share with others our experience and love for life.

Thanks for reading,



People can hate me

People can love me

Know this

I love you all

Hurt me

I will still love you

Strangle me

I will love you


I answer that with love



Cup of love

Cup of love

As you fill me up, feel love coursing through me.
Love, making me twitch and squirm in short ripples.
I empty out my heart, for you to fill it again.
That love is more like an energy that never ends.
You soon, tend to my cup of love as I sip from it.
Savoring every moment you touch my cup and fill it again.
Your warmth and breathe surrounding my hands cradling the cup.
Filled again a whimper is made, as I look into the reflection of love.
You are shown through that reflection with piercing eyes.
Then the smile wide as can be and inviting me for another small sip.
Yet again a whimper escapes me, you catch it in the air.
With a look and smile we begin to share the very same cup.
We both as spun into a never ending cycle.

Thanks for reading,



You are there for me, through my obstacles you are there.
There to comfort me when I feel hurt or thrown out.
You are there for me to lean on when I am hurt.
There ever so soft like feathered filled pillow yet sturdy like a tall pine tree.
You are there to be known not ignored.
Your presence is known to me, through and through.
Your presence brings joy and freedom to my existence.
You are there shining brightly with waves for me bathe in and surf along.
Those waves are there to be read as I feel them.
They say many things and have many feelings.
The waves are my guide, and your release.
Your are there in this moment and I meet you there.
We both lean and share our waves as we should.

Thanks for reading,

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