A little something for her.

I decedided some time last week I would plan some seeds into a pot and let it grow. Here is my setup thus far pretty basic and probably gonna not do well.





Allow me to break it down a bit.  the lamp there is an old desk lamp that gives off heat as well as light just through the bulb.  I decided to do this indoors as the weather is not ideal to let a seed pop out of the dirt or soil.  Why the plastic piece is because it will catch water and dirt.  I do get very little sun light in the room so I keep the lamp lit almost all throughout the day.

I place water in the pot and the plastic container below, nothing too fancy.  One or if the Wild flower seedling decides to pop up I will move the pot a bit away from the light.  The bulb is a standard bulb, as I cannot afford to spend a few dollars on a CFL bulb.  When I can though I will.

I just hope “she” will enjoy the flower as much as I do enjoy nature.  I know she appreciates the thought at least.

The soil was basic potting soil out of the shed and the pot was found in the yard. The plastic container was cleaned after being emptied of its cheese.  A rock was placed at the bottom of the pot to control some flow.    The seeds are Texas wildflowers, what I could find laying around.  Either way feel free to suggest stuffs or ask stuffs.

Thanks for reading,