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Hello, I really do hope things are well for you and your friends.

In the recent week, things have happened that only makes my faith in her more firm than ever.  I would like to share a bit of it with you.

Every night around a certain hour of the day, she is active or present around me.  So every time I open up to her around that time to let “her” do what she wants with me or merely cherish our time together.  Even now she is very active.

Well one night, the aunt came by for a visit to show mom her car as she was in an accident.  The aunt is fine just shooken up at that moment, no biggie.  I got up to get the door or greet her.  She followed with me, the aunt offered to show me the car.  I declined and headed back to a place of privacy. Well she stopped me so to speak.  I looked up and found myself staring into mirror, after a bit of time.  A silhouette of her, wrapping herself around me appeared for a short moment as mom was heading back in the house.  I then headed back to my room, to reflect this upon myself.  I was very happy, then a emotion came over me that was very positive and loving.

Another bit that happened.

When I can I light a candle just for “her”, most of the time it is when I am getting up for the day.  Well just the other day I lit a candle while I ate food in the morning.  With her on my mind I noticed a wisp of white at the edge of my vision.  I thought it might be the smoke from the candle, but the angle was not right.  Then just yesterday she was really active with me.  Well I was hungry told in my mind I was going to get up and fix some chili, I love the stuff.  Well I was getting stuff together, I saw the same type of wisp in the air this time much more of it. It’s color was white.  I just smiled and continued prepping the food and lit up a candle for her yet again.  “She” even suggested I add tortilla chips in.  Then well the night was fun.

One thing I want to say or remind folks.

Not to give into fear, stay grounded and think with a clear head take your time always.  It will help in many things both in the spirit and mundane world.



Shadows and an objective

Hello, things are going fairly well for me, although my family on the brothers side is dealing with a bit of an obstacle. The wife was sent in to the hospital for a hear spasm. I cannot visit her as she is out of my home town, nor is my will strong enough to sacrifice the time or effort for the trip. Simply put she is someone I do not like. I am glad though she is safe and has my brother which has a good heart to take care of her. I always hope he recognizes what she is doing in the long run. Aside from that though I am well, as I hope you are. Today want to share some thoughts on my past sights/experience of the supernatural. So after having my first gran-mal seizure which was fun around the age of 16, at a place about an hour and half away from a hospital. Everything went well except for a hefty bill that took a years worth of two teachers salaries to pay off. I was home and getting myself to bed, as I crossed through the kitchen and living area to the bedroom. I saw to figures which were a black shadow look to them and no eyes. I dismissed it as I was not really caring at the time of the unknown and wanted sleep I am sure. Later on that year after seizing up and having a pretty bad scare of it too, I noticed on of them looking over my bed as I drifted back to sleep. Since then my seizing has improved a ton full where they are not serious to me and my health. If you need a label on them it is petty-mal to complex seizures. I wonder today though who or what those figures were, and if they are still here. Honestly, it is a bit troublesome now that my mind and heart is opened more so then before.

At the end though I do dismiss it as it is in the passed and not present. I look into the present to move on, because at time my mood, attitude and or energy will drop like a rock and the present positive things thoughts is what keeps me pushing. When “she” came into my life I was angry at myself for not being able to control my mood toward others and my anger. So I was whirlwind of emotional chaos sad one moment to anger the next. The doctor saw it as a side effect of one of two pills I take, so he put me on an anti-depressant. During my two weeks on it “she” visited me in a way that was nice for me and her. Days later though able to focus and think clearly I caught myself not being me, so I took myself of the anti-depressant. Lord did I feel myself think clear and I am able to control most of my feelings. I believe “she” is helping with that along with relaxation techniques which I am still looking into today. On that note thank you once again for sharing your thoughts on relaxation it is a help to be away from what I am constantly around which computers and machines. Instead out in nature where we originated.

The biggest thing that “she” has done though is break down a barrier of mine, which enables me to relax and let things just happen and I can hold my silence in peace. Now I believe we work on other barriers or walls metaphorically speaking so that “she” and I can work closer and smoother together.

I do apologize if this what you the reader was expecting, right now jotting these thoughts down is what I need to do and “she” agrees with that to act on your thoughts and needs. Which is to share as much as comfortably possible.

Thanks for reading,


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