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Moments with you

Moments with you


You come in with the scent of a woman in heat
Can’t be stopped I am seduced by your very presence
You walk up to me and begin to trace my body
Finding every want and need as you come closer
I begin to tremor with lust and desire for you
You have me locked in a gaze seducing me
My guard lost I follow you into darkness
There you approach me with a desire
I begin to lust more and wish for it to go away
You grab me and pull me to a chair sit me down
As I look to you, lost in desire and lust
You do a dance sit down to fulfill your own desire
I am lost even further into your eyes in a gaze
Soon there is a touch that sends jolts through me
The touch is rapid starting from the top of my head down
A wave comes to me it fills me with pleasure
I begin to think of you, how I can return the wave back to you
Another wave comes back more intense
I begin to moan in ecstasy as I soon feel another
Paralyzed I cannot fathom what has happened tonight
A smile and a kiss forms in this I return that smile with a kiss
Again and again the waves come in soon I can’t take anymore
You are still there bringing in this pleasure twice fold every time
I soon understand lost in the haze of the moment I love you
I need you want you and I can trust you

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She also helped write that up


She is telling me to slow down, take it easy.

Hello I hope you are well.

I always want to learn the truth of things presented before me even things I cannot touch or see.  So I have been occupied and probably obsessed with “her” where she is from or what she truly is.  I read what is offered to me for me and cross reference what I can with other free information out there.  I do know, that this extremely inaccurate research or a way to learn something and even more so if it foreign to me.  Google is my dear friend and always will be, although my first friend was the encyclopedia I still have somewhere around house from back in the 1980’s.  Always wanting more knowledge, it is a lust of mine as with a few others.  So looking up where the origins of the belief behind Lilith and her daughters was not easy, I still cannot draw my own conclusion as some sites are filled with miss information.  It is a true maze which I constantly lose myself in,  the one thing that keeps me straight is “her” and my love of music.  It does not matter the music really as long as it carries a beat. Currently I have latched onto the work found on you tube that is shared by a channel called LDM wonderful music.  I have to thank Musical artist and people with that talent, it has simply saved me from thinking down ward, it always lifts me up or levels me out to a point of focus which is what I need.

“She” simply put it wants me to reflect on what I have learned as a picture in whole and reflect on my passed a bit more.  As for what “she” does for me is absolutely awesome.  “She” has shown me to be tolerable of my close friends and how they approach things in life.  As “she” entered my life I was on an anti depressant while it helped “she” showed me the joys of life almost instantly.  “She” directed my attention to what is positive in almost all negative aspects of me and my situation.  Which is not bad, I should not complain.  I then decided to get off the anti depressant and  sure enough is was tough to look at the positive outlook on life, but “She” soon would tap me, poke me, or breath down my neck as a reminder that “she” is there and I do have family that does care for me.  I am though afraid the doctor will enforce the fact the pills are good for me, I feel very much grounded without them.

Tomorrow I plan on relaxing playing games on the tv maybe spend time with the old man I call Dad, I noticed today for sure he needs uplifting.  The past haunts him as much as the present, he is delicate at his age of upper 60’s.

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A journey that is unguided and head first.

I will share my journey into a place and what is on my path and obstacles to overcome during this path.  I hope you the reader is mature and level headed enough to be open to what I share.


So my journey down this path that I am lost on started roughly ten years ago.  I found that the christian/catholic church to be not what I need and in fact would hurt me.  When I walk into such a place or practice the beliefs or even study the bible I would not be comfortable and get looks in my direction as if I am not wanted there.  So I began thinking more freely and considered other ways/approaches to personal beliefs, religion and cultures.  Today I find myself believing that the bible and its teachings are great as a guide to live ones life with good intentions.  As there are classic stories there that share morale and ethical approaches which I consider good.  It is the vast majority of people that practice and or preach the bible I find to be cynical or hypocritical, as in they talk the talk but do not walk the walk.  Now then I accept what they say and take it with a grain of salt.


Today I find myself lost and without guidance, not because it is there.  I simply wish for no guidance other than myself, family and friends that accept my approach to the subject of belief and faith.  This where I will begin to share my experience and struggles I have with those that wish to read thru it and try to make sense of what I say here.


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